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My name is Joshua Roberts and I'm an award winning Instructional & Gameful Designer. Working with some of the largest businesses in the UK and Europe. I provide unique, engaging and effective learning solutions for companies. I regularly speak at events and I am a top contributor to gamification solutions and theories in the UK with a number of articles published in key industry publications.

Take your time to look around the site and check out some of the companies I've worked with, completed projects and publications I’ve contributed to.  If you want any further information about my services or if you want to chat through any projects you might be working on, please use the Contact Me! button below or send me an email: Joshua@SkillPowered.co.uk



I provide any of these services for short or long term projects.

Bid Writing

I've been involved in multiple creative treatments/proposals/bids for bespoke content. I work closely with a Graphic Artist or Designer to create a document for delivery to the client.

Be prepared for a lot of questions during the bid writing process, I'll need to know a lot about your business in order to accurately scope and measure the treatment given!

Instructional Design

As an award-winning designer, creating engaging and effective content is something I love doing. I have written courses for companies across the globe from data compliance to advanced electrical engineering.

- Projects delivered on time and working to budget? No problem.

- Excellent communication with clients and team members, check.

- Over five years' experience in the industry, that's me.

If you're looking for a creative, engaging and proactive Instructional Designer for a project then please contact me.

Gameful Design


"Instead of taking the psychological hooks and operant conditioning from games, we use their deeply satisfying properties – things like agency, emotion, and immediate feedback – to help people do what they really want to do: feel better, reach their goals, connect with others, and live with meaning." - Jane McGonigal

I work with clients to create solutions that are effective and engaging. Too often in the learning world it's forgotten that games are fun, so applying gameful design concepts on top of boring content isn't going to impress anyone. I work hard with subject matter expert's content to bring out relevant and testing examples for use in scenarios along with being a proactive filter working with a backwards design philosophy.

Gamification Consultancy


Have you begun using gamification in your solutions? Want to understand how to get the best from gamification? That's where I can help. 

Designing, developing and deploying gamification can be a challenging time especially when you have to consider the vast array of options available to you. I am able to cut through the information and help to deliver experiences that users will want to return to time and time again. Whether this is an LMS, a marketing campaign or a series of learning I'm available to give you the support and guidance you need.

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If you want to find out more about me you're in the right place. Below you'll find a copy of my portfolio, documenting my skills, clients and awards.


You'll find a few of the stand out projects I've worked on here. I've worked on over 350 e-learning courses so this just gives you a flavour for the work I undertake.


McDonalds were looking for a highly immersive e-learning programme to develop the skills of new shift managers leading for the first time. The learning supports the largest business transformation programme McDonald’s has undertaken in 40 years to boost customer service and provide a more personalised, modern customer experience. The game-changing content combines powerful narrative, high-impact video and 3D animation to create a real-world learning environment with real-life scenarios. It has received a very positive reception and is changing behaviour, resulting in demonstrable improvements to speed of service, quality of food, cleanliness and employee retention across McDonald’s 1,280 UK restaurants.  

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